The human factor makes a difference in the
job market. After all, top-notch professionals
are the ones who offer challenges, manage
strategies, supervise teams and make the
main decisions, which will influence the
future of the organizations.

Aligned with this concept, Magna – a human
resources consultancy, specialized in recruiting,
selection and developing executives, managers
and strategy professionals – is always finding
and training the best and most qualified
professionals for companies.



We give the necessary support for decision makers who are in search of the best talents for key corporate positions. By using our influence and expertise in mapping the market we make sure the hunting is always asserted and focused.



We apply precise techniques and adequate instruments in the evaluation of professionals, focusing in identifying both their competences and skills that need to be worked on for the purposes of substitutions, transferences, promotions and professional development.


Corporate Education

Consists in activities for the development of people and organizational learning, focusing in acquiring, developing and aligning human and organizational skills.



Through a specific methodology, and a well-elaborated work, we help the executives evaluate their current development and their managing style, promoting the necessary tools for their self-evaluation and follow up, thus reducing the stress generated by natural conflicts in Managing Businesses and People.


Career Transition Program

We offer support to the organization and to the dismissed professionals with strategies about the job market.


MAGNA makes a
difference and it shows

We meet our deadlines and present candidates with a very high level of approval. That differs us from other companies in the search process and it shows that Magna is a company totally focused on results!

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Rua Avelino Silveira Franco, 149 – Salas 258/260 | CEP: 13105-822 – Ville Sainte Helene | Sousas – Campinas – SP | Tel.: (19) 3206-1200